Sakota Nutrition is San Diego’s source for nutritional advice, private nutritional consultations, dietary protocol, and the necessary support needed to reach your physical and dietary goals.

Our goal is to help each our clients choose foods that sustain the health, vitality, and nourishment needed to thrive in today’s stressful world. We believe that through the proper organic diet, supplementation, and by eating nourishing foods that anyone can heal, change and flourish in all areas of their life.

We look forward to helping you grow, heal, change and live a healthier, fuller life through nutrition.


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Daily Nutrition / Diet Design

Nothing is more imperative in sustaining your well-being than a well planned, organic diet with appropriate supplementation!  

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Detox / Cleansing Protocol

Detoxifying the body is imperative to allowing the organs, systems, and stomach clear toxins, candida and other internal conditions.

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Supplementation / Vitamins & Minerals

Supplementation of vitamins, minerals, and omega's are the keys to health if you are currently not getting them through your diet.